AquaClean Technology

Easy Cleaning with AquaClean Fabric.

Clean just with water.
With fabrics treated with aquaclean technology, you can clean the majority of
household stains and general soiling without having to resort to the washing machine,
dry cleaning or other textile cleaning products.
– Ideal for non-removable sofa covers
– Recommended for the practical home
– The less the washing machine is used to clean the fabric the longer the life
span of the fabric
– Use of additional textile protector is not necessary

How is works?

The aquaclean treatment covers every single fibre
with an invisible molecular coating.

Dirt does not penetrate the fibres.

Most stains are dissolved with water.

Simply remove the water and the stains with paper
Only available in Frisco Frabic

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Therapy session with Edmond

Who? Edmond Tang, Assistant Store Manager

Located? BoConcept Paragon

Do you know? Most leather have a top finish. However, when leather is being used, it will absorb grease and oil from our skin/hair that comes into contact with the leather.

What Happens? Grease and oil from our body will break down the clear finish, leading to dark marks staining and/or colour loss.

Care Tips for Leather

  • Avoid placing leather products under direct sunlight and near sources of heat to prevent colour fading
  • When doing vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratches on surfaces
  • BoConcept has a dedicated Leather Cleaner for  sofa/chair (2–3 times a year)
  • To retain the softness and attractive appearance of your leather sofa, use leather protection cream before you start using your new piece of furniture.

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