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Presenting the proud sponsors on the football jersey – BoConcept!

5 interesting facts about football

Do you know? Football  was invented in China back in 476 BC.
First record of the game can be found in writings dating from around 476 BC.
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What do you think?  Only three teams have won the FA Cup without conceding a single goal during the entire competition.  The teams were The Wanderers, who won it in 1873, Preston North End in 1889, and Bury in 1903.
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Really? The FA (Football Association Cup) was originally known as the “Challenge Cup”
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Amazing Fact! The first World Cup was won by the host country Uruguay.
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About Denmark! Denmark has had the same coach, Morten Olsen, for 10 years. He’s the longest consecutive serving coach for a national side in the 2010 World Cup. He’s got a wonderful reputation in Denmark.
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BoConcept is not always about just furniture.
BoConcept is created for people who love design, energy and the hip in all aspects of life.
Enjoy life!


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Signature Lamp

Let us bring you back in time with the  “Arco” lamp.

What?  “Arco” floor lamp with a long, curved arm extending eight feet from the marble base which has to be moved by two people inserting a broomstick through the hole in the base.

Who? Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

Their interest? Function over form.

When? Back in 1962, Castiglioni brothers introduced the Arco lamp.

With the next generation in design, BoConcept introduces the Kuta floor lamp.

Kuta floor lamp, satin coloured. H200 x Ø40cm

Visit our store for more information.

You can use spots, fluorescent light or pendants but always be aware of which kind of bulb you buy for your lamps. There is a great difference between cold light and warm light – you should check this out before you buy.

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The Sale is on!

Save 15% storewide during Great Singapore Sale.

See what’s available in stores at Paragon #04-01/03 or 20 Devonshire Road.

Dining table with supplementary tabletop [Occa – 323122]

What’s more!

We’re offering 20% off our best selling dining tables and more. Click here to view the sale items in detail.


And if you need help with styling your home? Book your FREE interior decoration home visit today and get our Interior Decorator to help you make the right furniture selections for your home!

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