Therapy session with Edmond

Who? Edmond Tang, Assistant Store Manager

Located? BoConcept Paragon

Do you know? Most leather have a top finish. However, when leather is being used, it will absorb grease and oil from our skin/hair that comes into contact with the leather.

What Happens? Grease and oil from our body will break down the clear finish, leading to dark marks staining and/or colour loss.

Care Tips for Leather

  • Avoid placing leather products under direct sunlight and near sources of heat to prevent colour fading
  • When doing vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratches on surfaces
  • BoConcept has a dedicated Leather Cleaner for  sofa/chair (2–3 times a year)
  • To retain the softness and attractive appearance of your leather sofa, use leather protection cream before you start using your new piece of furniture.

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Christmas Gifts and Accessories

Unique, beautiful and functional

The colours and playful details of accessories bring new life into the home. They are the fun part of home interior. This season, BoConcept offers a wide range of gift ideas that are not only beautiful and functional – but truly unique. And affordable too.

Handmade candlesticks

Inspired by cultural traditions, the colourful Japanese dolls are playful decorative pieces that can also be used as very characteristic candlesticks. They are formed and painted by hand, so each doll is unique. Available in three different colour combinations.

Or you can enjoy the candlelight reflected in the intense colours and fine patterns of the tealight holders in glass. They come in four different colours and each one is made individually by hand and takes up to 18 days from the glass is melted until the final piece is ready.

More designs at a glance…




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Wall Systems

BoConcept is all about urban designs! We have different wall system to cater for different styles, which are both functional and space saving.

Check out some of the many combinations we have:

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In a snapshot: BoConcept designs and accessories

Hi all, below is a snapshot of BoConcept designs and accessories beautifully done by our friends at UK!

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Meet the designers behind BoConcept

Meet Anders Nørgaard

M. Arch, Aarhus School of Architecture 1989. Owner of Nørgaard Designs in Aarhus, Denmark, he has designed numerous modular sofa concepts and chairs for BoConcept.

As a Danish designer, Anders Nørgaard naturally implements the Scandinavian traditions for simplistic and functional design into his work: ‘If functionality is the starting point, the aesthetics come in the form of expression. Simple lines make for a classic sofa that will look good for years. The refinement of the design comes in small bursts of details that will make the sofa a distinctive piece with international appeal.’


Meet Henrik Pedersen

Fashion Designer from Teko Center, Denmark 1990. Now works with graphic and interior design in his own company 365° and has created unique chair designs for BoConcept.

Design in any form is the passionate interest of Henrik Pedersen, who has also worked with fashion and graphic design. ‘If there is a rule for my design, it is that it has to speak to you. Form and function are my main tools to move and touch people no matter what I design. With the Imola chair, the organic expression almost talks to the unconscious urge to sit down and rest. The distinctiveness lies within the visual tension that’s created between the spoon-shaped seat and the sharp cut on the edges.’


Meet Morten Georgsen

Bachelor of Commerce, Aarhus University, 1982. Owner of Futhark Design based in Valencia, Spain, he has a particular talent for designing multi-functional pieces, including storage, tables and beds.

Designs from Morten Georgsen and his team prove that practicality doesn’t have to compromise beauty when it comes to creating storage systems. ‘Of course, we have to ensure a co-ordinated look where dimensions and colours match to avoid a chaotic and unbalanced look. But smaller units, different colours, depths and lengths of cabinets and shelves and various types of fronts can create very different and distinctive looks. So wall systems are really moving away from their humble position in the living room to characteristic pieces of personal expression.’

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BoConcept for Harrods London

The world famous department store Harrods in London is celebrating the creativity and spirit of haute couture in September 2010. As part of the event, an exclusive collection of one off designs have been created by some of the world’s finest brands and designers under the headline ‘There is Only One’.

As part of the Harrods Home department, it was only natural for BoConcept and designer Henrik Pedersen to create a one off version of the iconic Imola chair. The unique chair has been designed with customistation at the forefront, creating a patchwork effect using all the fabrics and leathers from the BoConcept collection. It is also heavily influenced by the hot looks from the 70s. See more at or if you are lucky enough to be in London, visit Harrods and see the chair and all the other unique designs on display.

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