Get help with furnishing your home!

Let your home reflect your personality.
There are more ways to do this than you might think, so go ahead and
let your personality shine through every corner of  home.

From 19-28 Aug, book a free home interior consultation with our
BoConcept Stylist at Paragon and receive a $100 BoConcept Shopping Voucher.
Terms and conditions apply.

Visit Us at Paragon Atrium 2 (near Miu Miu) or
Email: to book your free home interior consultation.


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you love your home. we love to help

decorating a home
can be a challenge.

But it’s a challenge that BoConcept interior stylists are used to deal with. Now you can book a 1-1½ hour home visit from a BoConcept interior stylist who will measure your space, listen to your needs and help you create a home that suits your style, space and budget.

read about
JIA – Interior Stylist
BoConcept Paragon

what inspires you? I love the way the unique shapes, colours and contours found in Nature can be translated into design.

when did it all start? My interest in drawing and music began when I was just 4. But it was only later when I enrolled at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) where I developed my design skills. Thereafter, I gained experience in the industry with internships at furniture and interior design firms that sparked my passion in becoming an interior stylist and today, I’m living my passion.

best thing about BoConcept? Each piece in the collection gives me a feeling of home. I especially love the cool, modern aesthetic that’s consistent throughout the range.

any special projects at the moment? I am working on a few projects where I am furnishing my clients’ entire home now. There’s one particularly exciting project, a landed property with 3 open space floors where I am styling each floor in a different style.

best thing about being an interior stylist? Creating lovely and cozy interiors which inspire and bring comfort to my clients’ everyday lives.

you, in three words: Cheerful, multitasker & optimistic!

book our
interior decoration
service today.

With professional expertise, functional furniture and the interior decorating software, Furnish, our BoConcept interior stylist will draw a complete plan for your home, room or even just a piece of furniture. The 3D drawings will be customized to your room and your needs.

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October is all about ROCK!!!

Below are some designs that rocks!

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Can you feel the fever!

It’s the Singapore F1 Grand Prix season again!
Feel the adrenaline for some red hot make-over for your home?

BoConcept LUGO Sofa

BoConcept TERNI Sofa

BoConcept Red Vase

BoConcept ONE Chair

BoConcept ONE Chair (Side)

BoConcept Red Cushion

BoConcept BRISTOL Pendent Lamp

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Don’t decorate like your mom

Create Your Own Style

Don’t decorate like your mom. Trust your instincts and allow the inspiration pages of the new BoConcept website let your personal style show.

When everything  matches perfectly, your room will lack charm and can get boring real quick. Mix it up a little by using different small accessories and even unique gallery pieces so not to have everything coordinate perfectly.

Infuse a bit of traditional in a modern room and if you have a traditional style setting mix in something modern.

S$ 169. Plaid, made of saree. W150xL220cm.

Have fun putting things together. Decorating your home could be tiring, but the results are always satisfactory. Find your style, or get some help at BoConcept – Meet our interior decorator.

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Caring for your furniture – Wood and veneer

Here’s how you can take better care of your BoConcept wood & veneer furniture:

Wood and veneer are affected by light. For the first 6–8 weeks, when the item is first absorbing the surrounding light, keep the surfaces clear of any objects to avoid permanent marks and circles. At first, new furniture will also need time to absorb light before it will match the tone of your existing furniture

  • Water is only to be used in small doses and only in the form of a damp cloth.
    After wiping, always use a dry cloth.
  • Wood and veneer are very sensitive to liquids. Wipe up spilled liquids immediately.
  • Always try to remove stains with the mildest cleaning materials.
    A suitable soap solution is made from ¼ dl soap powder to 1 litre of warm water

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